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Smart Poultry Farming: Best performance and cost reduction in broiler chicken production.
SPRO Poultry Management
SAP Leonardo Qualified Solution
Qualified solution in SAP Leonardo for the SAP Qualified program Partner-Packaged Solution
Support in daily batch control
Real-time analysis with relevant information and conformity verification of the process, identifying risk conditions, abnormal situations and new improvements.
Production of chickens at lower cost
The solution allows the identification of critical measurements. Based on the collected data is possible perform assertive adjustments in process.
Different types of sensors
All information is collected and available in real-time. Simple and easy sensors deployment.
Real-time monitoring
Through on-line dashboards all the key information is available.
Connected to IoT Application Enablement
Integrates with SAP IoT Application Enablement, a complete set of comprehensive microservices as base to build powerful apps using developer experience development tool which allows real time insights due to smart data storage and analytical capabilities.
Control Tower
Keep all information from different poultry houses in one place. Easy and simple to manage.
Recurring Edition
Recurring Edition
Package for 1 active aviaries. It is not included in this offer the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) environment and project implementation
  20 License
  1 User
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