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Do you know what is happening to your company's data?
Data Privacy and Protection for SAP Software
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Get information in real time
See all the logs and data access in real-time, just as it´s happening. That helps you to keep the track of the logs and therefore identify suspicious actions before it´s too late.
Differentiate between standard and exceptional usage
Our solution can divide different kinds of traffic and will automatically identify non-standard data access.
Monitor user access to sensitive data
Data usage monitoring for your SAP system. Features automated reporting and alerting triggered by users accessing sensitive data. One single approach which covers all SAP systems (access through SAP-GUI, RFC, WS (SAP ECC6, CRM, S/4). Includes validation and monitoring of data usage. For better clari  
Get data from all SAP instances
Single approach covering all SAP systems (access through SAP-GUI, RFC, WS (SAP ECC6, CRM, S/4).
Recurring Yearly Edition
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Recurring Yearly Edition
  10 User
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  • Content Management
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  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP Analytics Cloud