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Sensitive Data Discovery, Classification, and Labelling Solution
byLarsen & Toubro Infotech Limited
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Save over 90% in time and effort
Automated approach ensures there are no technical vulnerabilities or human errors which result from a manual search. Also, the solution provides 100% coverage across structured and unstructured file formats.
Enable continuous data protection
Highlights the delta (missing / modified / newly added sensitive fields) in different releases as well as the encryption status on each identifier.
Identify sensitive information irrespective of the language
Allows multi-lingual support covering all the languages as a result of Unicode implementation and is loaded with algorithms to identify country specific sensitive / private data identifiers.
Discover sensitive / custom data
Scans structured and unstructured file formats using pattern recognition, standard algorithms, and an in-built reference data repository. It also identifies sensitive fields (PII, PCI, and PHI) or custom fields in the following: a. RDBMS: Oracle, My-SQL, SQL, Progress, DB2, SAP, Mongo DB, Rocket DB, More
Faster search using keyword specific data points
Consists of an in-built search engine which refers to indexes rather than actual data to perform faster search operations. It also locates a subject’s data points along with corresponding dependent data points in terms of referential data integrity.
Classify and label documents
Contains a mapping file that stores the category of each sensitive field. For instance – a credit card number is categorized as highly confidential information, whereas names and telephone numbers are categorized as confidential information, etc. Once the classification is done, the solution tags or More
Find mismatch in data in different releases
It enables you to compare reports after every release and find the delta (missing/ modified/ newly added sensitive fields) between two releases. It also highlights the specific identifiers which need to be protected by means of encryption, anonymization, etc.
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