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Transparently encrypt your sensitive data at rest in SAP HANA
Vormetric Transparent Encryption
 Thales UK Limited (Thales eSecurity)
Establish Strong Controls
Encrypt and control access to SAP HANA data and log volumes, preventing unauthorized access by privileged users to sensitive data.
Streamline Encryption Implementation
Encrypt sensitive assets in SAP HANA environments, without having to make any changes to SAP HANA or associated applications and infrastructure.
Retain Control in the Cloud
Retain control of sensitive data stored in SAP HANA data stores across cloud, multi-tenant environments and your local networks by controlling and managing encryption keys and access policies from your data center.
Centralized Policy and Key Management
Leverage the Vormetric Data Security Manager to establish robust, centralized control over encryption keys, security policies, and audit logs. Capture granular audit logs that support audits and compliance reporting. Logs can easily be integrated with SIEM systems for improved threat intelligence, r  
Comprehensive Coverage
Apply encryption safeguards to structured and unstructured data. Establish safeguards in SAP HANA, associated databases, log and configuration files, and other data sets. Secure sensitive data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
Fine-grained access controls
Establish system level auditable, granular data access controls to guard against abuse of cloud and other privileged users as well as other unauthorized users. Implement well-defined, strong separation of duties between data and security administrators. Leverage a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified applia  
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