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Improve Your Margins In Real-Time
Optimized Dynamic Pricing
byPrice f(x)
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SAP Commerce
Benefits and Features
Integrated With SAP Commerce Cloud
In addition to strong open platform integration capabilities, Optimized Dynamic Solution comes with pre-built and certified integration with SAP Commerce thus simplifying everyday use.
Drive Pricing Efficiencies and Protect Profits
By creating a single source of pricing truth where pricing data, rules and conditions can be managed as a strategic function, organizations significantly reduce pricing administration and the risk of costly financial errors.
Improve Agility to Increase Profits
Once an organization establishes more pricing controls and governance, it can shift more focus to the market, including activities such as analyzing buying habits, fine tuning customer segmentations and quickly responding to market changes that influence cost and margin.
Robust Analytics Engine
Use built-in analytical capabilities to gain insight into price evolution, website traffic, sales, price acceptance, price types, margins per department, product or product group, revenue and margin breakdown, portfolio analysis and others.
Comprehensive Pricing Calculation Capabilties
In addition to calculating prices for thousands or millions of products, with Pricefx Optimized Dynamic Pricing you can calculate product relevance, scoring and classification, costs, competition data relevance and other metrics relevant to your business.
Price Optimization Engine
Our price optimization approach is based on 3 core principles: 1) Transparent (clear box approach) 2) Flexible (industry agnostic, B2B and B2C, for companies of any size) 3) Powerful (proprietary AI and over 100 machine learning algorithms).
Gain a 360-Degree View of Profitability
While most pricing solutions limit visibility into list and invoice pricing, a complete view of profitability is vital to optimizing pricing, as it enables you to prescriptively identify margin leakage and take corrective actions.
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  • SAP Commerce
Price f(x)
Established in 2011 in Germany, Pricefx provides a full suite price optimization & management SaaS solution based on a native cloud architecture, offering broad and flexible support across the entire price management lifecycle, including Price Strategy...
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