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Improve Your Margins In Real-Time
Optimized Dynamic Pricing
byPrice f(x)
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SAP Commerce
Benefits and Features
Integrated With SAP Commerce Cloud
In addition to strong open platform integration capabilities, Optimized Dynamic Solution comes with pre-built and certified integration with SAP Commerce thus simplifying everyday use.
Increase Customer Demand
The importance of the right price offered to the end customer is both well-researched and known. With this solution, you will have the capability to price your products and services based on any measurable external factors that have a substantial impact on your business model, ranging from constantl More
Optimize Cash Flow
With improved pricing capabilities throughout the product or service life cycle, you will have the ability to pull forward purchases, and increase margins on later purchases - all done in a systematic and automatic manner.
Robust Analytics Engine
Use built-in analytical capabilities to gain insight into price evolution, website traffic, sales, price acceptance, price types, margins per department, product or product group, revenue and margin breakdown, portfolio analysis and others.
Comprehensive Pricing Calculation Capabilties
In addition to calculating prices for thousands or millions of products, with Pricefx Optimized Dynamic Pricing you can calculate product relevance, scoring and classification, costs, competition data relevance and other metrics relevant to your business.
Price Optimization Engine
Our price optimization approach is based on 3 core principles: 1) Transparent (clear box approach) 2) Flexible (industry agnostic, B2B and B2C, for companies of any size) 3) Powerful (over 100 machine learning algorithms). Customers may choose to build their specific algorithms and incorporate them  More
Seamless and Continuous Integration
Connect with the entire Pricefx suite using pre-built standard interfaces, define and execute bi-directional data exchange (inbound and outbound) to any other source and target system, enrich and transform data during the exchange process, configure and execute custom interface logic, and trigger ac More
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  • SAP Commerce
Price f(x)
Established in 2011 in Germany, Pricefx provides a full suite price optimization & management SaaS solution based on a native cloud architecture, offering broad and flexible support across the entire price management lifecycle, including Price Strategy...
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