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Analytics to Drive Insight into Compliance
Analytics for Revenue Recognition Disclosure Reporting
byBramasol, Inc.
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Benefits and Features
Reduce Risk
Working closely with SAP, we’ve standardized on the SAP Digital Core, SAP Analytics Cloud and S/4HANA because these technologies provide flexibility, scalability and performance for integrating and analyzing data from virtually any existing systems or legacy data repositories.
Increase Success
Our SAP-certified experts, participated in the majority of early product Ramp-ups and have worked on more SAP RevRec projects than any other company. Join us for success!
Insights that Drive Meaningful Action
At the end of the day, it is great to be compliant, but most companies aren't satisfied with just complying. They want to leverage compliance into competitive advantage. See how Bramasol's analytics platform provides you with insights that can drive meaningful action.
Advanced Decision Making
Analytics that help businesses make end-to end decisions with confidence. Our dashboards and reports not only bring you compliance but give you an eye into what is going on with your business so you can make better advanced decisions.
Overview Dashboard
Our Overview panel let's you see your revenue summary in a single dashboard that includes your total revenue, posted revenue, deferred revenue, recognized but not posted revenue and projected deferred revenue.
Our Disclosures dashboard focuses on impairment loss and revenue comparisons. Two numeric indicators show your total impairment loss amount and your current year revenue. The charts focus on providing insight into your impairment loss per contract as well as revenue by quarter and fiscal year.
The Revenue dashboard shows your revenue broken out by Performance Obligation on the left with a Performance Obligation Details report on the right.
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Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
We use SAP RAR as the core revenue recognition engine with disclosure reports and analytics sitting on top. Please note this edition does not include the cost of an RAR implementation and assumes you already have a revenue recognition solution in place.
All editions include our rich set of management and visualization tools to enhance the modeling, pilot, implementation and transition processes.
Free Trial
Free Trial
Includes unlimited User
Standard Edition
Standard Edition
Includes regulatory reports and analytics. Please note the Setup Fee is only an estimate as this figure can vary depending on complexity.
Includes unlimited User
Technical Information
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Bramasol, Inc.
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