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The Future of Continuous Feedback with AI
Cultivate - AI Coaching
SAP SuccessFactors Learning
Instant Feedback, No Surveys Required
Cultivate continuously analyzes a manager's outgoing communication with direct reports to give real-time leadership feedback, no surveys or user input required.
Data Privacy and Control
Cultivate offers virtual private cloud and on-prem install options to give you complete control over your organization's digital data. The Cultivate product is opt-in for managers and Cultivate is GDPR validated.
Using the latest techniques in Machine Learning and NLP, Cultivate derives social insights from digital platforms to help employees and organizations achieve their full potential.
Leadership Skills Assessment
Our innovative dashboard helps managers identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses, baselined against other managers in their company or industry.
Wellbeing and Productivity Insights
Real-time reporting on areas such as unconscious bias and team work-life balance impact help you to support your team's holistic well-being and contextualize your leadership growth with the current needs of the team
Real-time Coaching
When Cultivate detects an area in which a manager can improve, Cultivate will push them targeted feedback in Cultivate and across their communication platforms. Managers can set this feedback as a goal as a goal in Cultivate to help them bridge their leadership gaps and track progress.
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Cultivate manager dashboard for each manager in your company
Cross-industry and company benchmarks
Anonymous high-level benchmarking for HR and leadership (optional)
Single Sign-on with your SAP SuccessFactors system
Per Quarter
3 month pilot deployment for up to 500 employees
Option for On-Premise or Virtual Private Cloud deployment
Personal data never leaves your company's servers
  500 User
Price upon request
Unlimited employees
Custom integration with all of your communication platforms
Option for On-Premise or Virtual Private Cloud deployment
Personal data never leaves your company's servers
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