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Tailor made for Fashion Companies
Q² - Fashion Quality Management Solution
byAttune Germany GmbH
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Benefits and Features
Mobile based Quality Inspection
Provides Quality Inspectors a rich mobile user-experience, with the ability to easily enter defect categories, defect names and the minor/major Defect Count. Defect details could be captured at a Style, Size and Color level. Equipped with the ability to capture pictures as visual evidence against de More
Real-Time Visibility of all Assigned Tickets
Helps Quality Inspectors keep track of all assigned tasks in real-time. Visibility of Shows a complete list of assigned tasks - each ticket includes essential details such as Factory Name, Season, Division, Design, PO Quantity.
A Central system to manage your Quality Inspector assignments
Quality managers can use the SAP Fiori based app to allocate tasks to Quality Inspectors across multiple locations to carry out quality audits at vendor locations. – One central system ensure that you are able to optimize your Inspectors’ time.
Reports such as Quality Inspection Report, Quality Audit Pass Rate Report, Defects Report per Vendor, On Time Task Completion Report and more
Notifications on Changes to POs
Changes in terms of delivery dates, quantities and cancellations are indicated in the application to alert the user to take appropriate follow-up action
Define AQL Audit Schemas
The user has the facility to create audit schemas at distinct inspection levels under different sampling plan types.
Plans and Pricing
Edition Details
Price upon request
Edition Details
Please contact the publisher for more details about the plans and pricing available for this solution.
Technical Information
Works with
  • SAP Cloud Platform
Attune Germany GmbH
The attune team is a group of highly-experienced business-technology advisors who not only have deep solution knowledge but also understand the fashion industry extensively; enabling clients to derive benefits from technology investments faster. We are...
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