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IT Operations, Automated
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Business experience
Automated SAP Operations means better business experience: faster response, less downtime, and proactive problem-solving before business operations are impacted.
Security and compliance
Our automation engine ensures systems are running as intended, and automatically identifies and corrects compliance issues.
Foundation for transformation
Free up resources from day-day operations to focus on value-add activities like Digital Transformation, and eliminate the distractions of production support.
Monitoring and notification automation
Forget everything you thought about SAP operations, Avantra's intelligent operations automation frees you from dependence on CCMS or any other SAP tool. Avantra manages everything from the OS/Database level, through middleware, SAP infrastructure, 3rd party application and even business processes. A  
Operational Transparency
We provide transparency of security, audit, issues and updates via notifications, dashboards and SLA reports. No more managing SAP system by system. Dashboards and automated reports provide you and your customers with real-time visibility and transparency to the system health. Avantra automatically  
Real Multi-Tenancy
Whether you manage multiple customers or multiple departments/branches on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud. Avantra supports real multi-tenant while managing multi-systems over a single platform. Provide complete visibility to each customer separately while ensuring security and visibility only to t  
End-to-end Business processes monitoring
Using Business service modeling and dashboards to get visibility to all business and technical dependencies.
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Recurring Edition
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