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Employee + Manager Self-Service
HR On Your Wrist for SAP SuccessFactors / SAP HCM
Business Value
This groundbreaking app can create a unique branding opportunity for your business. As your employees interact regularly with friends and families with the app on their wrist, the image and appeal of your company will be strengthened with potential for new hires and customers.
Social Value
Connecting with your colleagues has now become a breeze. By mere having a glance at your watch, you will instantly know who’s available, who’s absent and when they will return to work. This helps you to better plan your own work while at the same time being considerate to your colleagues by not inte  
Human Empowerment
You don’t need any prior training to start using this amazing wearable app. It is 100% user-friendly and allows employees to quickly and easily access their leave request data. As a manager, you can instantly respond to leave requests submitted by your employees.
Leave Balance
Check your individual leave balance
  • ☐ Overall balance (default glance)
  • ☐ Details per leave type (swipe to the right for these subsequent glances)

Leave Requests
Check the status of your submitted leave requests
  • ☐ Pending for approval (amber color)
  • ☐ Rejected (red color)
  • ☐ Approved (green color)
  • ☐ Taken (grey color)

Note: Tap on a leave request and drill down to detail level to see the leave period,
Presence Check
Check which colleague is present today. Green means he/she is working today.

Absence Check
Easily check which colleague is absent today. Red means he/she is off work today.

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