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Visualize HR Data, Gain Insight and Take Action
OrgInsight™ | Visualize Your Workforce
Visualize Your Entire Organization and its HR Data on One Screen
OrgInsight uses a patented approach to visualize your HR data based on the organization’s hierarchy. HR can quickly and easily explore and analyze HR data, support decisions and take action to effect positive change on HR processes and workforce demographics, not to mention help justify HR initiativ  
Spans and Layers Analysis at Your Fingertips
OrgInsight is the most complete spans and layers analysis tool available. View distribution of span across the entire organization. Investigate inadvertent layers expansion. Analyze the organization as a whole, by Business Unit, by Division, by Function, by Location and more.
HR Data Trending, Distributions and Averages
Monitor multivariate trend charts for organizational changes over specified periods of time. See distributions of data crosscut across any attribute. Quickly and easily calculate and understand your most important HR data averages using any variable available in SAP SuccessFactors including Employee  
Single Sign-On to SAP SuccessFactors
Seamlessly extend SAP SuccessFactors by providing users with direct access to OrgInsight directly from a dedicated menu link or widget on the SAP SuccessFactors homepage using Single Sign-On (SSO) with access easily managed by user role.
Easy to Use Drill Down Capability
Quickly drill down into your HR data using your organizational hierarchy. See where and why spans and layers are getting out of control with organizational norms and parameters. Better understand your organization’s diversity and demographics. Analyze specific HR data attributes with crosscut ana  
Dive into Complete Reporting Levels
Quickly and easily see span of control from the CEO on down or by Business Unit, Division or Department Heads. Layer in additional HR attributes such as gender, ethnicity, salary grade or range of salary grades to gain additional insight with easy-to-use visual workforce analysis features.
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Base hierarchy visualization
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Enterprise Edition
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Enterprise Edition
Pre-packaged integration to SAP SuccessFactors
OrgInsight for SAP SuccessFactors is deployed using SAP Cloud Platform and is designed with enterprise customers in mind.
Does not include a one-time installation services fee.
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