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Design Education Digitally and Efficiently
SAP Cloud Platform
Strengthen your image as a modern training company
With the report booklet as a mobile application, you meet the digital natives at eye level and present yourself as a modern training company with contemporary training methods.
Intuitive operation without training effort
The user-friendly user interface in the FIORI design enables the use of the application without initial training effort.
Integration into SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM
The FIS/Berichtsheft app can be consistently connected to SAP SuccessFactors or SAP HCM. An automated transfer of HR master data ensures uniform data and avoids additional effort.
Create / edit reports
The apprentice can create new reports. They can choose between a daily, weekly or combined report (including school and company issues). It is also possible to revise existing reports.
Add attachments
Add sketches, pictures or other documents to a report – up to 10 attachments per report. This gives you plenty of possibilities to deliver complementary information.
Approve / reject report
As soon as an apprentice marks a report as ready for approval, it is up to the trainer to approve or reject it. As a trainer, you are also able to add comments to specify your decision. If you hit the wrong button and approve by mistake, you can ask the corresponding apprentice to accept the rejecti  
Sort and filter reports
Sort and filter reports easily by status, apprentice, timescale etc. to boil down the amount of information to the information you want to have.
Monthly subscription (Apprentice User)
Monthly subscription (Apprentice User)
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Monthly subscription (Administering & Managing Users)
Monthly subscription (Administering & Managing Users)
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