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Hiro Cockpit on SAP Cloud Platform
Hiro Cockpit on SAP Cloud Platform
 arago GmbH
SAP Cloud Platform
Easy to configure
With just one click you can configure Hiro Cockpit to get access to your landscape that should be tracked.
Flexible operational concept
Hiro Cockpit supports on premise and cloud operation models.
Node list
The Node list will show 20 nodes at a time. You can navigate to more nodes by using the "Next" and "Previous" controls at the bottom of the list.
MARS Graph
The MARS Graph is a graphical representation of the MARS model loaded into HIRO. It shows activity on nodes through a glowing animation. Clicking a node will load it into the Node Viewer and display its relationships to other nodes in the MARS graph.
Issues List
The Issues List displays the issues that HIRO solved for you. By selecting an Issue detailed information is displayed in the Issue viewer. The bubbles in the upper right hand corner give you and idea about the amount of work HIRO is doing for you. The search function allows you to search for Issue s  
Timeseries Viewer
The Timeseries Viewer gives you a view on the collected data for certain MARS nodes which are stored as timeseries. A time series is a sequence of data points, measured typically at successive points in time spaced at uniform time intervals.
Edition Details
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Edition Details
Please contact the publisher for more details about the plans and pricing available for this solution.
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