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Create, manage and publish tests for candidates of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
Cloud Evaluations
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Cut costs in the recruiting process
Save on stationary material, usage of physical locations, and work hours of employees by switching to online tests, which don't need material, a room and can be managed by a smaller team. The environment is secure, reliable and easy to use, ensuring there will be no impact on the performance of the   
Have a better control of the process
By switching to digital tests, you get the ability to explore and extrapolate data and come to a better understanding of the process and all its particularities, thus allowing any decision you make to be more assertive and effective.
Question Management
Create and manage a pool of questions to use in the tests you create. Specify the type of question - essay or multiple choice; the difficulty - by default either easy, medium or hard; and the topics the question relates to - create and manage topics to group similar or related questions. Alternative  
Test Management
Use and reuse the questions previously created and arrange them in tests composed of groups of questions of the same topic - sections. Filter questions by their name or description, type, topic or difficulty. When creating the test, proceed by adding one by one or by selecting a number of random que  
Test Publishing
Publish the tests directly to registered candidates or to an active job requisition from SAP SuccessFactors, making the test available to every candidate in the selected step of the job requisition. Include up to four tests in a single distribution simply by selecting from the created tests.
Candidate View
The Realization Cockpit in the Candidate View allows candidates to take the tests available to them in a secure, isolated and intuitive manner. Candidates then can track their tests history, accessing the results and details of the tests they have taken before.
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Free Trial
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Delivered with installed on SAP Cloud Platform or with SAP Cloud Platform embedded or installed on customer's SAP Cloud Platform
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