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The Complete Mobile Solution for the Medical Sales Rep on the Go!
mymediset Mobile App
 BIT Consulting
Manage your Medical Equipment with Precision
We know that managing your medical equipment can involve a complex supply chain that is prone to errors and doesn’t always run smoothly. With mymediset get an easy to use and highly versatile solution, offering benefits for colleagues across the medical sector.
Manage warehouse stock efficiently
Reduce your stock and increase profits. Store the right amount of medical equipment in your warehouse, saving money on unnecessary stock.
Improve your sales performance
Help your people to generate more orders and fulfil them effectively. Maximize your profits and streamline your systems across the board. Moreover, give staff one handy tool to offer the best service possible.
Hassle-free loan set scheduling
mymediset maps all loan, rental and consignment processes within SAP. Schedule your loan sets without any stress, anywhere and anytime.
Get the full overview
View bookings and reservations on the built-in calendar. With color-coded characteristics you can easily check the status of your orders at any time.
Fasten your turnaround times
Record consumption using real-time information with barcode support even from theatre.
Get your reports the way you want them.
State-of-the-art analytical built-in functionalities give you an overview of relevant KPIs and your sales performance.
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Edition Details
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