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Generate personnel documents based on easy-to-maintain company templates
Document Generator
Fully integrated
Nextmoves Document Generator is fully integrated with SuccessFactors and Nextmoves Digital Personnel File, lifting your HR processes to a higher level. Personnel data (e.g. addresses, personal, organizational and salary data) are fetched from Employee Central at realtime, making sure your documents   
Easily maintain your template documents
Template documents are created and maintained using Microsoft Word ®, making it ease to incorporate your existing template documents into Nextmoves Document Generator.
Multiple employees / Flexible search criteria
Sometimes you want to generate documents for a certain population, for example to a whole division, or a range of departments. This is possible by defining your own search criteria, search for employees and generate documents for the selected population.
Manage templates
Each company normally has its own set of template documents, scattered all over the company's file system, which often result in outdated documents and multiple versions. In the Nextmoves Document Generator all template documents are stored and maintained in one location using Microsoft Word ®, resu  
Generate documents for multiple employees
After selecting the right template, you are able to perform multiple searches and select multiple employees from each search. The document will be generated once for each selected employees, and downloaded in one compressed file, containing one generated document per employee.
Integrated with Nextmoves Digital Personnel File
Generated documents can be stored into the employee's Digital Personnel File instantly.
Edition Details
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Edition Details
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