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byOrgaTech Solution Engineering Consulting GmbH
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The Smart Solution
CALATENA increases efficiency in professional maintenance by establishing a continuous digital integration of all companies, actions and IT systems involved.
Jump Startable
CALATENA is the future of maintenance – easy, simple and efficient. CALATENA can start with only little master data and even without standard service catalogs – both may be added later.
Full SAP® Integration
CALATENA is hosted on SAP® Cloud Platform. CALATENA is certified by SAP® for more reliability and constant accessibility. It even can be operated by your own IT.
Mobile Ticket Creation
Mobile access for all companies and engineers involved
Continuous Data Flow
Increases efficiency by establishing a digital integration of all companies, actions and IT systems involved
Full Integration
Full integration of maintenance schedules, overviews, statistics. If connected to SAP R/3 or SAP S4 HANA, CALATENA can carry out all necessary transactions in the ERP system. The archiving system can be connected too.
Easy to Use
CALATENA offers a great user experience through an easy usability without any questions. The complexity of our software is hidden behind an intuitive and logical interface.
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Edition Details
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  • SAP Cloud Platform
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