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Re-imagine content management by decoupling code from content
Contentstack Headless CMS
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Works with
SAP Cloud Platform
Benefits and Features
Unifying CMS for Mobile, Web, IoT
Simplify and accelerate your content management by allowing business users to manage and update content across all channels with a single click.
Limitless Auto-Scale
Our cloud service lets you instantly scale to millions of sessions. Remain in control of your data and grow traffic without worrying about infrastructure.
Headless CMS, API-Enhanced
Developers can build powerful cross-platform applications and deliver content through APIs, optimized for each destination and beautifully presented.
Content Modeling
Separates data structure from its presentation layer and gives developers the ability to organize content logically without being restricted by visual or device considerations.
Content Delivery
Data can be pushed or pulled on demand using the JSON format without intermingled markup, which gives developers the flexibility to implement a separate presentation layer optimized for each delivery channel.
Guaranteed Uptime
With the CMS decoupled from the website itself, web developers can guarantee site uptime and reliability, without any dependency on data being served by the CMS or an underlying database.
Lightweight Scalability
A lightweight architecture responds instantly to traffic spikes, without the burden of having to add infrastructure. Performance bottlenecks are eliminated.
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Plans and Pricing
Free Trial
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Free Trial
Free to try in a full access environment.
Includes 10 User
14 Day max. contract duration
Per Month+ USD 4000.00 Setup Fee
1 Site/App
6M API Calls/Month
5TB of Storage
3 Environments
5TB Bandwidth
5 Languages
Standard Support
Includes 10 User
12 Month min. contract duration
Price upon request
Advanced Capabilities
Premium Support
Premium SLA's
Higher Scalability
Includes unlimited User
12 Month min. contract duration
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Works with
  • SAP Cloud Platform
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