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target Campaign Management (Cloud)
bytarget software solution GmbH
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Benefits and Features
Provide Structure to Your Innovation Process
The solution is based on a clear phase concept (1. Planning; 2. Idea generation and collaboration; 3. Evaluation and selection; and 4. Close) and a clear role concept (sponsor, innovation manager, campaign manager, innovator, expert, juror, and others). These concepts provide the best possible stru More
Uniquely Leverage SAP Data and Technology
target Campaign Management is the only software worldwide able to map innovation management directly using SAP data and technology. Both HR data and the organization model from SAP systems are synchronized with the cloud solution. The apps are built in the SAP UI5 development environment and started More
Become Operational Quickly
The configuration of the solution and creation of the first campaigns can be operational in a short time, without specific technical know-how. The solution can be used in a public cloud (SAP Cloud Platform) as software as a service (SaaS) or deployed in the customer's own IT infrastructure. All apps More
A Custom View for Each User
Users access the solution from several apps on their launchpad based on their role in the campaign. Innovation and campaign managers access the "Maintain Campaigns" app; innovators and experts the "My Campaigns" app; and administrators the "Customizing" and "Maintain Persons" apps. The user rights f More
Campaign Planning
Innovation managers or campaign managers create a new campaign with the following information: 1. Field of action; 2. Timeframe; 3. Image and banner that identifies the campaign, 4. Participants; and 5. Evaluation criteria for different roles.
Facilitate Idea Generation and Collaboration
Innovators can submit their own ideas and comment on, "like", and vote on other's ideas.
Idea Valuation and Selection
Specify which ideas make it to the next round in this multistep valuation process. The appropriate criteria and experts are determined for each valuation round. In this way, ideas that do not meet the requirements are filtered out quickly. For those ideas with the most promise, you can decide whethe More
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Recurring Edition
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target software solution GmbH
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