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Created to support your maintenance 4.0 efforts
2BM Mobile Work Order
Remove Paper
No more pen and paper. Take your work orders digital. Information flows instantly between backend system and field technicians
Reduce Travel Time
Save time by going straight to the work site without having to stop by the office to pick up papers and instructions, and do warehouse look up of spare part availability. Improve your first time fix rate (FTFR) and mean time to repair (MTTR)
Eliminate Errors
Have updates from your technicians flow straight into the system without manual typing and updating. No more costly mistakes from double registrations and bad handwriting
Execute Work Orders
The right information at the right time. View details, confirm operations, take measurements, issue materials, register time spent and manage attachments
Create Notifications
Capture all the details about a critical situation. Add items, causes, codes, activities and tasks and document the situation with photos and videos. Using 2BM Mobile Work Order’s IoT module, maintenance notifications can be generated automatically in SAP based on specified conditions and thresholds  
Inspect Infrastructure
Browse functional locations and equipment. See notifications, pending and historic orders and measuring points. View technical documentation and safety instructions
Offline Functionality
Advanced synchronization technology keeps client data in sync with SAP backend data which ensures your technicians can continue working even when there is no network coverage
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