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Transforming Financial Risk and Compliance with Explainable AI
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Benefits and Features
Fast implementation into existing applications
Sensemaker is architected to take advantage of existing AML/KYC workflows and platforms already in place. Sensemaker also native integration with SAP Hana for both read/analysis and storage of data.
Zero-Time Data Integration
Using Pulse agents, financial institutions can instantly integrate on the fly with a wide variety of new data sources, thus enabling rapid experimentation and deployment of new identified patterns.
Rapid Time to Value with predefined models for AML/KYC
One of the challenges of new platforms is the time required to ramp up a team. Sensemaker comes fully equipped with a ready to use set of AML driven dashboards and algorithms that users can then customize as needed.
Native integration with SAP Hana
Quantiply natively integrates with SAP Hana and leverages its high performance and range of tools for both read/analysis and storage of data. Hana tunr key implementation enables real time analysis and detection, and shorten the time to production to less than 6 months.
Integration with Sybase for banking data
SenseMaker can read and transform into prepared data, the transaction datasets stored on Sybase, this enabling a fast reuse of Sybase data without the need to apply complex conversions. The output can be stored on Hana through a native Hana integration.
Explainable Models and Decisions
Quantiply’s Explainable AI helps financial institutions minimize compliance risk by providing a comprehensive view of all transactions, entities, alerts, and cases. In addition, transparent advanced regulatory and management reporting and dashboard capabilities are available for compliance operation More
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