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rePORTAL CR: Crystal Reports Distribution
Solution Types
Works with
SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise
Benefits and Features
Self Service Information Delivery
Give users the ability to access relevant information on their own schedule and from anywhere using the rePORTAL CR portal. Users can connect and access data securely with any browser, releasing IT staff from generating reports.
Automate information delivery
Push relevant data out to users in a timely fashion using the built in and powerful scheduler. Actionable information can be sent to email inboxes, fax recipients, printers and other destinations.
Trigger event based data delivery
Use the built in triggering mechanism to generate workflow and business process events for immediate responses and actions.
Secure Web Portal
RePORTAL provides a secure online portal to administer users, groups, reports and more. You can quickly and easily publish Crystal, SSRS and SQL Reports to the web with no need for any coding and users can login to run their reports on demand and in an ad hoc fashion.
Security Features
rePORTAL provides many security features to ensure a secure experience for users. You can manage access to folders, reports and documents by user and/or groups, and even control granular record level access dynamically using your own SQL queries triggered based on user login.
Scheduling and Automation
RePORTAL includes a powerful and comprehensive scheduling and automation engine, that includes the following features
Additional Features
rePORTAL offers support for different authentication schemes, including Windows/AD authentication for single sign on, as well as anonymous and forms based authentication so you can provide both intranet/extranet access to employees and outside customers.
Plans and Pricing
Free Edition
For 30 Day(s)
Free Edition
Includes 3 User
Includes 3 Report
30 Day max. contract duration
Includes unlimited User
Includes unlimited Report
Technical Information
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Works with
  • SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise