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The Professional Choice for Location Intelligence
Map Intelligence
SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise
Leverage WebI and GIS investments
Increases the ROI from your investment in WebI and any prior mapping.
Fast iterative analysis and reporting
Reduces delivery time and skill requirements for analysts and decision makers.
Minimize Training Costs
Reduces reliance on technical specialists to deliver map-enabled solutions.
Extensive Choice of Customizable Viz
Different ways of discovering “hidden” facts in data include map layers such Hot Spots, Heat Maps, Voronoi, Spider, Cluster, and more. Multiple layers can be hidden or revealed at different map scales, data points are replaced by shapes as you zoom in or out, streets replaced by localities and so on.
No Coding required
Reduce delivery time and skill requirements. Map Intelligence is designed to be simple to use by report authors and end-users without any sacrifice in utility or power. A tool is only useful if it’s usable.
Fast, iterative analysis & reporting
Multiple data layers hidden or revealed at different map scales, points replaced by shapes as you zoom in or out, streets replaced by localities, etc.
Customizable user interface
You are not restricted to our out-of-the-box user interfaces which are easily customized for integration with existing spatial applications, data sources and services. Enrich your data with external web-services.
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