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Mobilizes SAP transaction for RF scanning and barcode label printin
TranASAP, by BCC Distribution
 BCC Distribution, Inc.
Real-Time Inventory Accuracy & Visibility
The key to TranASAP is that the software has been designed to validate, in real-time, as the inventory is being scanned or entered, that the information is correct specific to the Order AND the Customer. TranASAP takes the pen and paper out of a material handler’s hand and replaces this manual proc  
Simplified for Ease of Use
TranASAP’s mobile SAP RF transactions deliver Ease-of-Use on the shop and warehouse floors through minimizing the number of screens to use for a single transaction.
Eliminate Manual Data Emtry
Minimizes the amount of words and letters on a mobile screen and minimizes the need to use a key board, thus speeding up time to complete a transaction. • Combining inventory tasks together to eliminate the need for manual data entry, as well as walking back and forth to the office.
Improved Inventory Control
TranASAP is a menu driven, role-based software product with a library of over optimized 200 SAP RF transactions built on inventory and warehouse management standards.  TranASAP utilizes SAP Console, SAP ITSmobile or Fiori/UI5 for real-time, direct connect into SAP software.
Online/Offline Capability
For applications that require off-line mode or batch operation, TranASAP version Store and Forward enables real-time integration with the capability for online/offline functionality. BCCD’s proven success is due to the utilization of the following principles: (1) ease of use, (2) quick to install, a  
Inventory Mobilization & Optimization for Manufacturing
TranASAP Mobile SAP RF transactions are generally grouped in the following categories: 1. Receiving of Inventory: 1-Step or 2-Step Receipt to include Label Print & Putaway 2. Inventory Movements: Storage Location (Sloc) to Sloc (IM) and Bin to Bin (WM) 3. Issues: Issue to Production, Goods Issue to   
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Edition Details
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