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Instant Feedback & Insights
FeedBck - Continuous Feedback
bySemos Cloud
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Benefits and Features
Shortens the overall feedback cycle
Solution that transforms the existing Continuous Performance Feedback (CPM) experience and offer easy way for employees and managers to instantly ask or provide feedback and evaluate each other, aligned to their goals and competencies and based on actual contribution of their labor
Continuous 360 feedback between peers
Employees are able to understand how are their performing on an ongoing basis and respond on received feedback. Goal is to enrich the possibilities of communication in the organization and to create a dialog between the peers and their managers
Allow Employees to Find Areas For Improvement
Employees are able to get a clear picture of their strength and development areas so they could strive for a continuous improvement and development. They are able to state what are their skills and where they would like to develop inside the company and what new skills are they looking to learn.
Instant Feedback & Insights
FeedBck is focused on ongoing growth and development of talent in your company. That is why you can setup peer-to-peer feedback processes to allow your employees to instantly ask for feedback when they require it the most.
Request and Rate with Context
Employees and managers can send, request and rate feedback for particular occasion or event. Access at any time via mobile or desktop while promoting a culture of rich feedback, a core element of a high performing environment.
Connect feedback with recognition and rewards
Elevate the gamification engine built in to create various engagement engines such as Achievements board, Voting mechanism for top contributors in your company. Enable managers to send recognition and rewards to individuals that have excelled on a personal level and helped inspire others in the company.
Fully customizable per specific company needs and culture
Continuous Feedback processes are not a “one size fits all” practice. That is why FeedBck was built to be customizable to fit to your companies’ culture and needs. Dialog can be created for various talent processes and not limited only to CPM or traditional performance and goals reviews and ratings.
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Standard Edition
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Standard Edition
SAP Cloud Platform license is included at no additional cost
Single Sign-on with your SAP SuccessFactors system or SAP ID service
Full control of your data and keep company information secure
Enterprise Edition
Price upon request
Enterprise Edition
Everything you love about the Standard Edition plus:
Personalized on-boarding assistance to aid in adoption, migration and implementation
Get answers and support quickly with priority email and phone support with responses in less than 1 business day, guaranteed
Dedicated account representative to help you streamline training and enhance productivity
Includes unlimited User
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