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Protect your SAP HANA against data lost.
SEP sesam for SAP
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Benefits and Features
Consistent backup and recovery in any IT infrastructure
Hardware and software independent
Support of all common operating systems, databases & applications
Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC & Micro Focus
Reliable Disaster Recovery
of Windows and Linux systems also for dissimilar hardware
SEP sesam provides Business Continuity
SEP’s Hybrid Backup solution is designed for heterogeneous IT-infrastructures of any size. SEP securely and reliably protects your company data and supports all virtualization platforms, operating systems, databases and applications, including SAP S/4 HANA 1 & 2 and SAP ASE. SAP solutions are the c More
High performance multi-stream backups and restores
Using SEP sesam’s patented Multi-Streaming Technology, backup tasks can be run simultaneously, thus significantly decreasing backup windows. SEP sesam’s advanced data store technology allows the use of any available backup media to ensure that all backup jobs will be performed. The powerful SEP sesa More
Simultaneous backups and restores
SEP sesam is a robust, easy-to-manage, and secure backup solution for businesses of any size. Backups, restores, and disaster recovery are extremely fast and easy to implement and execute for all SAP HANA 1 & 2 environments and SAP ASE. SEP sesam is certified for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SAP HA More
Easy backups and restores out of SAP HANA Studio
There are three ways to restore backup data using SAP HANA Studio: 1. Restore the database to the latest version. This option restores the last successful backup of the database and applies all available logs. 2.Restore the database to a specific Point-In-Time. This option restores the last success More
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  • SAP Cloud Platform
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