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A Best-In-Class Solution to Eliminate the Burden of Maintaining Job Descriptions
JDMS® | Job Descriptions Made Simple
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Benefits and Features
Make it Easy to Manage Job Descriptions
JDMS releases HR and managers from the pain of keeping job descriptions up-to-date and standardized manually. Using configurable workflows, version control/history, and content standardization best practices features, your managers and the HR Team will have more time to focus on the business to help More
Synchronize Job Content with your SAP SuccessFactors Platform
JDMS comes with a pre-packaged integration to Employee Central and the platform to ensure the job content is there to support Recruiting, Performance, Succession and Career Planning use-cases. Families & Roles and JPB platform configurations are supported. JDMS helps organizations transform unstruc More
Offer Users an Integrated and Seamless User Experience
Access JDMS from the SAP SuccessFactors home screen, navigation menus, widgets and action buttons. JDMS enables employees, managers and HR to quickly and easily view and search for published job descriptions.
Integrate and Maintain Job Descriptions at Scale
Enrich your HR processes in SAP SuccessFactors with structured job content designed to support Recruiting, Performance, Development, Succession and Learning. Integrated to Families & Roles or Job Profile Builder (JPB), JDMS becomes the system-of-record for managing and maintaining effective job descriptions.
Quickly Translate Job Descriptions
JDMS offers a quick translate feature to make it easier for global organizations to centralize job descriptions. Published job descriptions can be effortlessly translated using cognitive services and forwarded to local language experts for additional review, editing and publishing. Employees can the More
Elevate the Employee Experience within SAP SuccessFactors
JDMS provides employees with a seamless experience navigating within SAP SuccessFactors to view and acknowledge job descriptions. JDMS comes with a pre-packaged single sign-on from SAP SuccessFactors to JDMS for managers, recruiters and HR. As more users get involved in job description management,  More
Workflows Designed for Accountability and Visibility
JDMS provides organizations with feature-rich configurable workflows supporting version control, history and robust permission capabilities. Organizations of all sizes can now improve job library governance and accountability.
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Enterprise Edition
Pricing starts at the price displayed. Subscription pricing is based on number of employees
Does not include one-time implementation fee
Pre-packaged integration to SAP SuccessFactors included
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Can be deployed using customer’s SAP Cloud Platform
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  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
HRIZONS® is an HR Cloud Technology Company, an SAP Gold Partner and a two-time SAP Pinnacle Award Winner for SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud Platform applications. We are authorized to resell, implement, optimize and support SAP SuccessFactors and we ...
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