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Seamless Access to Archive and Online Data
PBS archive add ons
 PBS Software GmbH
Seamless Access to Archive and Online Data
Add-on solution to enhance SAP archive data retrieval. Delivered transactions and reports enable to display archived data as if they were still in the database. Allows more aggressive archiving. Ideally integrated with SAP ERP and S/4HANA.
Shrink the active database
Indexes for the archived data are stored outside of the database.
Reduce operation costs
The integrated data access of PBS archive add ons helps to run data archiving much more aggressively and to transfer data growth to low-cost archive storage.
Fast implementation without user training
Since the transactions involved are highly analogous to those in SAP standard software, end users do not need special training.
Seamless and fast data access to SAP database and archive files
PBS archive add ons enhance standard SAP archiving features and provide the required access to archived SAP data so it appears as if the data were still in the initial database: With archive-enabled display transactions and reports, PBS archive add ons enable seamless retrieval access – simultaneous  
Data extraction
PBS archive add ons contain dedicated features to enable transparent data extraction for audits or legal requirements. They enable "on demand" extractions, which means that extracts can be generated immediately as and when they are required.
Modular solution
PBS archive add ons are tailored to corresponding SAP modules. Customers can choose to implement only those add ons that fit their archiving strategy and will deliver the greatest savings potential.
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Edition Details
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