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Automate DART Extract Sessions
DaRT Sessions Cockpit (DSC)
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Benefits and Features
Reduces workload through automation
DSC allows you to automate DART sessions, significantly reducing the effort required to produce tax and audit compliant extracts. As DSC is fully customizable, you can set it up to extract only the data your business needs at the intervals that suit you from both online data and archives.
Complete visibility through centralization of DaRT processes
The DSC centralizes and automates standard Dart processes allowing customers to optimize a process that otherwise would be very manual and subject to errors.
Traceability of all job logs for compliance.
DSC stores logs for all the steps carried out allowing a clear audit trail of the DaRT process.
Inbuilt scheduling tools
DSC allows you to define and schedule many different DART extracts to meet the varying needs of your business. Unlike the SAP scheduling tool, these do not require manual input, reducing the risk of errors
Detailed job management
DSC provides a full and detailed overview of all the processes started by DSC. It manages all jobs and allows a quick and easy verification of finished sessions. This way, the users can easily see the status of any given DaRT session.
Efficiency gains to run the DaRT processes
Perform DaRT extracts by using an extended selection criteria with minimal extra work, allowing DaRT to run for many company codes with no extra effort.
Improved resource management
DSC enables your team to meet tax and legal reporting on time with audit-ready data and with less pressure on existing resources. Indeed, DSC only allows DART sessions to be executed during authorized time slots in order to protect SAP service level agreements.
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