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SAP Certified mobile EAM & PM solution with form engine and consumer grade UX
myJobCard - Mobile Plant Maintenance & Asset Mgmt.
 On Device Solutions Ltd
Digitisation of Asset Management Process
Field technicians can access all relevant Work and Asset information and carry out updates in the field. This removes paper from the process and avoids unnecessary visits to the depot or office.
Better Quality Data
Because the data is captured at the point of action and is directly updated in the back end SAP system, the quality of data captured is improved significantly.
Build your own data capture forms
Tailor solution to your specific needs by building your own dynamic forms using a self service drag and drop editor. No more dependency on the developers.
Dynamic Form Engine
Work and Asset management processes require many forms to be filled for Regulatory, Health and Safety, and Operational reasons. Companies either use manual paper forms or static electronic forms, both of which have inefficiencies. "myJobCard" provides a dynamic form engine using which business can   
Supervisor View
Supervisors can view status of all Work Orders being executed by his team in the field, even when there is no data connection available. Both summary and detailed views are supported.
Multi Platform support
myJobCard offers native support for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 to provide best possible user experience and performance.
Maps & Enterprise GIS Integration.
myJobCard provides integration with Google Maps to help service technicians plan their day and use navigation features. For companies using Enterprise GIS systems like ESRI, "myJobCard" provides out of the box integration with various GIS mobile clients to offer a seamless experience to field users.
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