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Simplify and automate SAP user administration
One Identity Manager SAP Connector
 Quest Software Inc.
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Unified administration and security
Identity Manager empowers organizations to manage accounts and access permissions from a single instance by unifying disparate and sometimes disconnected entities in the IT landscape.
Automated Provisioning
Provisioning SAP-user accounts with appropriate access permissions for new employees on time and within a staged SAP environment.
Audit Trail and Reporting
All the information on SAP is available for the comprehensive reporting engine in Identity Manager. Reports can be requested on an ad-hoc or subscription basis. Subscribed reports are created by schedule and then sent by email or stored in a file system.
Synchronizing employee and organizational data
The Identity Manager SAP Connector provides OOB configuration for reading employee data, organizational units and their managers from the SAP HCM module. The configuration can be adapted to filter on customer needs regarding current employees, former employees or future employees.
Cross-platform SoD and compliance
Identity Manager enables you to manage these and to conduct identity audits to assess risk. Assuming the appropriate data is stored in the Identity Manager database, Identity Manager discovers all company resources that violate your company policies.
Risk Management
SAP groups and user accounts are integrated in the risk management functionality of Identity Manager. Each entitlement can be assigned a risk index. Based on a schedule, the risk index of the user accounts is calculated from the risk indices of the assigned entitlements.
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SAP R/3 User Management Module (SAP), SAP R/3 Structural Profiles Add-on Module (SAP HCM), SAP R/3 Analysis Authorizations Add-on Module (SAP Business Intelligence), SAP R/3 Compliance Add-on Module (SAP Compliance)
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