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CS320 RE-FX Sales-Based Rent Accelerator
CS320 RE-FX Sales-Based Rent Accelerator
byCOS-33 GmbH
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Benefits and Features
Time Effectiveness
Substantial reduction of the time and effort needed for managing variable contracts, since the sales numbers are entered by the tenant.
Tenant-reminders are automized so that the tenant knows when to enter sales figures.
Data Logging
The real estate administrator is informed about all the tenants activities in the cloud.
Product Overview
This solution based on the SAP Cloud automates and simplifies the process of collecting the periodic sales reports for your sales-based rent contracts. Integrating your tenants into the data entry process means that the sales figures will be updated automatically and instantly in the sales contract. More
Contract Analysis & Notification
An automatic analysis of the variable contracts is initiated in the SAP System. When sales figures are due, the tenant is notified by e-mail to enter his or her turnover online.
Turnover Maintenance
After being notified, the tenant is authenticated via a direct link through the e-mail and can thereafter maintain his or her turnover directly on a web-based form.
Analyse & History
Finally, the tenant receives a confirmation of his updated sales figures in the RE-FX contract and is able of analyzing his reported sales per contract according to sales category.
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Edition Details
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Solution Types
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