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An Intuitive and Robust Planning Tool for Corporate Training and Resource Scheduling
LMS Planner
Improve Productivity of Trainers
Knowing trainers availability and location. Optimize trainers schedule (transfers and lodging). Visualize unavailabilities (holidays, meeting, coaching, expertise)
Optimize Training Services Offerings
Direct link with learning needs. Integrated views by activity.
Improve Other Services
Improved design, logistic training, and updates. Integrated system to find available resources.
Trainer Scenario
In the Trainer scenario, the tool provides the ability for a specific person (a trainer) to view all meaningful data related to him. This data can be anything from the courses that he is scheduled to teach to the rooms or equipment that he associated with. The person filters and locates the desired   
Manager Scenario
In the manager scenario, the tool provides the ability for a supervisor to locate all his team members and view their usage and availabilities. This will show him all the scheduled courses but also the times where his subordinates are on vacation, on travel time or in training. The manager also has   
Scheduler Scenario
The scheduler scenario is the one where the tool shows the most power. In a step by step flow, the person in charge of scheduling training needs can search and find for available resources and optimize the planning of scheduled offerings for those resources. All availabilities are easily seen and sc  
Admin Tools
Import and export information (planned session, learning needs, cancelled session) in flexible formats
Edition Details
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Edition Details
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