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OpsVeda Operational Intelligence
byOpsVeda, Inc.
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Benefits and Features
Recapture 10-20% of Revenue and Margin leakage
Manage by Exceptions - show users a prioritized view of what needs attention. Support scale with automated visibility and collaboration across stakeholders.
Save 9-15 ₵ per $ of total Supply Chain Costs
Reduce customer compliance fees/ chargebacks. Automate more granular visibility from suppliers/ partners.
Enhance Efficiency & Scale by 30% or more
Real time preventive view into allocations, fill rates, cancellations, rejections, blocks. Enhanced on time delivery and accuracy metrics.
About Implementation
OpsVeda can be implemented on cloud or on-premise enterprise environments. Customers simply need to install OpsVeda data adapters in their ERP systems, Supply chain and legacy systems, and if needed, authorize OpsVeda to connect to suppliers, carriers and channel partners. Once the adapters are stre More
Plans and Pricing
Base Platform
Per Month
Base Platform
Includes 50 User
Includes 60 Gigabyte
30 Day max. contract duration
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OpsVeda, Inc.
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