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Powerful, yet simple to use integration with E2open
E2open ERP Add-on
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Benefits and Features
User Friendly Configuration
Empower your business analysts to own and maintain your interfaces with E2open
Install and go
After installing the add-on, immediately use the library of standard queries to extract data required for your E2open project
Product Overview
E2open’s SAP ERP Add-on delivers a turnkey solution that gives companies the ability to extract and insert mission-critical data they need for powering their global supply chains – with a setup time of just a few minutes. The E2open SAP Add-on includes pre-configured master and transactional data te More
1. E2open ERP Add-On
This component is deployed within the SAP ECC or S/4HANA system as an Add-On
2. E2open B2B Client
This component is responsible for secure and reliable transportation of extracted files up to the E2open cloud and the download of files containing data to be inserted into SAP from the E2open cloud. This component is not required if the customer wishes to use SAP Process Orchestrator or any other  More
3. E2open SAP Adapter
This component is a “bundle” that is deployed on top of the E2open B2B Client and is purpose-built to interface with the Add-On within ECC and S/4HANA. The bundle itself is optional with regards to the B2B Client as it is not required to upload or download files. This component is not required if More
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