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Fully automated market data ingestion, governance and distribution
Brisken Market Data Hub
 Brisken LLC
Capture, Analyze, and Act on Data in Motion
Analyze market data as it becomes available. Report on data distributed in your system landscape or from your external sources. Unleash the analytical and reporting power of SAP HANA® to get real insight into what is happening in the markets.
Increase Speed to Adjust to Changing Needs
Rapidly enhance your market data provisioning and access a broader universe of data with the Brisken Market Data Hub through auto-setup functionalities and maintenance workflows. Swiftly move through prototyping and development to packaging and deployment so you can concentrate on your business.
Lower Cost of Ownership
Streamline your workflows and support, reduce infrastructure and headcount, all while getting constant data validation and monitoring capabilities. Brisken Market Data Hub handles your entire market data needs. Brisken manages the platform, the feeds and connectivity, so you can focus on your business.
Ingest data from any provider with MDH’s out-of-the-box data source connector
The Market Data Hub provides out-of-the-box connectivity to hundreds of sources and data providers. Simply select from the library of sources the provider of your choice such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Oanda, Quandl, Central Banks, Exchanges, public websites or add internal data.
Build your central market data hub and reduce inconsistencies and data cost
Remove data silos and data duplication by building a central market data repository. The Market Data Hub as the single source of truth increases data consistency and reliability and enables your organization to consume market data more efficiently and at a lower cost.
Enrich and transform your data using mapping, derivations, formulas and scripts.
Transform your raw data into high quality data sets by mapping it to your data model, normalizing, cleansing and enriching the data on its way using formulas, derivation functions and even Python scripts. Include external formula libraries or add you own pricing engines.
Provide your quants with high quality normalized data at the click of a button
Provide a pool of normalized high-quality data to your quants and data scientists, from sources that go well beyond the classic providers. Include alternative sources and unstructured data with AI and Machine Learning to the data services you provide
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End-to-End Market Data Governance
Manage data from any provider or source
Integrate with SAP and non-SAP systems
Data quality check and anomaly detection
Exception workflows and data auditing
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