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Power your Intelligent
Enterprise with SAP
partner solutions

Power your Intelligent
Enterprise with SAP
partner solutions

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Popular on SAP App Center

Centrical PULSE Core

Easy to Implement Gamification and on-going microlearning for SAP SuccessFactors

Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform

Leverage AI to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of talent operations
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Automate your physical identity and access management, from hire to retire
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Enterprise Health, Safety & Environment Management Software

Integrated Occupational Health and Safety (EHS) with pre-built templates.

Olivia, Your AI Recruiting Assistant

Transforming global talent acquisition and candidate experience

Accenture HR Data Loader

Mass changes in SAP SuccessFactors made easy
SAP Certified

Censia Talent Intelligence Platform

Match the highest fit, qualified, and in-demand candidates to any role.
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First Advantage Background Screening Integration for SAP SuccessFactors

Background check integration to speed up decision making and hiring processes.

JobPts - Recognition and Rewards

Drive positive employee experience by building a culture of appreciation
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Recently Added

Virtustream Managed Service for SAP Data Hub

Provides customers with a frictionless experience for purchasing and operating S 

Innovator's Edge

Accelerate your insurance org's speed to market

Alight Benefits Administration

Cloud-based benefits administration designed with care, expertise and quality

Nexo EHS

EHS module for SAP SuccessFactors
SAP Certified

Humantelligence for SAP SuccessFactors

Measure, Manage & Hire for Culture - Hire candidates faster and reduce turnover
Free Trial


Real-time employee feedback and survey solution

Firstbird | Digital Employee Referrals

Recruit better candidates faster with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Geotab Telematics and Fleet Management for SAP Solutions

Improve your business processes — bring telematics data into SAP Cloud Platform.

Intrastat for SAP Business ByDesign

Cut out tedious and time consuming monthly manual intrastat reporting


Tax Intelligence and Management Platform

VAT Verification for Customers & Prospects in Sales Cloud

Users recognize the existence / correctness of a VAT Reg. Number immediately!

Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP solutions

End-to-end visibility and predictive analytics for SAP environments

Idoc Monitor Master

Searching and exporting IDocs from your SAP Landscape
Free Trial

Workplace Navigator

Manage real estate with maximum efficiency

Transport Order Confirmation

Warehouse Management

SAP C4C Connector for Cisco UC

SAP C4C Connector for Cisco UC

Tenant Acquisition Management

Solution for seamlessly integrate Property Insight, CRM Lead and RE-FX Contract – Universal Integration Adapter

Integrate SAP Business ByDesign with your entire IT landscape

Fit-Rent Rental Solution

Scalable, state of the art, easy to adapt Management Solution enabling fast, fle 
SAP Certified


Keep your subcontractors on check

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